Bridging the Gap Between Innovators and Investors in New Orleans, LA

Tarun Jolly, M.D. is an entrepreneur and physician who focuses on bringing emerging healthcare to market by connecting innovators in the medical field with investors from across the country. Dr. Jolly has combined his passion for healthcare and business to found Emerging Healthcare Collaborative, a nonprofit that helps investors interested in the healthcare industry invest in local entrepreneurs to raise healthcare standards and access to care for all.

What is the Emerging Healthcare Collaborative?

Emerging Healthcare Collaborative (EHC) focuses on bringing the latest healthcare advances to market by connecting innovators in the medical field with investors. As a physician and successful serial entrepreneur, Tarun Jolly, M.D. found that innovators – the medical professionals coming up with research and new technologies – often struggle to clearly communicate the economic value of their discoveries to investors. For healthcare entrepreneurs past the initial investment stage, securing the necessary capital to grow their services or product offerings can be equally as difficult. Utilizing Dr. Jolly’s unique expertise in bridging the gap between innovators and investors in his own business practices, EHC aims to create a culture of medical entrepreneurs who leverage the resources of the business community to create solutions that elevate the healthcare standards of patients.

Emerging Health Care Entrepreneurism

New Orleans is a vibrant community that is ripe for the emerging healthcare industry. As a result, there are both innovators and investors in NOLA who are ready to expand their reach through the newest industry research and products.

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