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Emerging Health Care Entrepreneurism

New Orleans is a vibrant community that is ripe for the emerging healthcare industry. As a result, there are both innovators and investors in NOLA who are ready to expand their reach through the newest industry research and products.

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A (brief) history of the opioid crisis

As we battle our current opioid addiction crisis, it’s important to remember the past, how the pendulum has swung and the ramifications of each extreme. We must invest in technologies and therapies that help our patients for the future.

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What is a healthcare entrepreneur?

Ultimately, I consider a medical entrepreneur one who leverages the resources and passion of the business environment towards solutions that elevate the healthcare standards of patients and the community. There is nothing more gratifying than using medical expertise to identify problems that can be solved through good business, serving a higher need.

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The New Orleans 100 Instagram

#NOLA innovators are full of ideas that are going to shake up the healthcare industry; they just need some tips to become slightly more entrepreneurial. Dr. @tjolly123 has some helpful tips to bring their ideas to market.

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